Visual Studio 2008 C++ Sample Code for QisMLib and ClipExtract

This page contains sample Visual Studio 2008 C++ solution to demonstrate the use of QisMLib and QisMClipExtract APIs to extract images.


Visual Studio 2008 C++ Sample Code
02/22/18 (ZIP, 6KB)

Zip File Installation

Download and install QisMClipExtract version v2.09 or higher at a suitable location (For example INSTALL_DIR).

You will see the following directories : INSTALL_DIR/artwork and INSTALL_DIR/samplecode etc..

Make a new folder INSTALL_DIR/samplesln

Download and extract the contents of file in INSTALL_DIR/samplesln - you will see 3 new files in the folder.

Open the Visual Studio solution file - INSTALL_DIR/samplesln/clipextract_cpp.sln.

Build the project. A new executable (clipextract_cpp.exe) will get created in INSTALL_DIR/artwork.

Run that executable to see it working. Run 'INSTALL_DIR/artwork/clipextract_cpp.exe -h' for usage information.

This solution makes use of TWO C++ files to demonstrate the use of QisMLib and QisMClipExtract APIs -- INSTALL_DIR/samplesln/sampleclient.cpp and INSTALL_DIR/samplecode/clipextract-images.cpp. .

Using sampleclient.cpp, we can convert the sample code (clipextract-images.cpp) into a working program. You can use the same strategy to convert other sample code in INSTALL_DIR/samplecode to working programs.

Please see the top of clipextract-images.cpp to understand the sample code. Searching for 'STEP 1', 'STEP 2' ... etc will take you to the appropriate location in the .cpp file where the API is being used. Please refer to the appropriate header (.h) file for full details about the relevant functions.

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