STL2GDS Revision History

Version 1.28 10/14/2017

Flexlm Floating Error

Fixed a problem where stl2gds was not able to get a floating license from the server.

Version 1.26 3/1/16

Auto Detect STL file

STL reader auto-detects Endianess for binary STL files.
This version core engines/shell recompiled in VS2008.

Version 1.25b 11/27/14

New Install

This version includes the new install.

Version 1.25 10/20/12

Enhanced Linking

Added Enhanced Linking Control to Configure Dialog.
Removed "Ignore Facet Normals" Control from Configure Dialog It turns out that the normals provided are always ignored, and they are computed internally.

Version 1.24 10/27/11

New Multibody Control to Configure Dialog

This control when set will unionize incoming data. It is off by default.

Version 1.23 04/07/11

Ignore Facet Normals

Added "Ignore Facet Normals" Control to Configure Dialog.

Version 1.17 10/8/05

Fix Re-entrant polygon routine

An error in routine that converts voids to re-entrant polygons, produced some illegal polgyons in the GDSII data. This has been corrected. [Reported by Texas Instruments]

Version 1.16 03/28/05

Slicing Algorithm Corrected

An error in the slicing algorithm produced some illegal polgyons in the GDSII data. This has been corrected. [Reported by NASA]

Version 1.15 03/17/05


The graphical user inteface for stl2gds has been added in this release.

Version 1.14 03/01/05

command line fix

Version 1.13 did not support both cases for the units option i.e. -units:mm was not interpreted correctly (it was expecting -units:MM) and actually wrote the output file in inches. This has been fixed.

Version 1.13 02/20/05

Initial Release

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