The Extraction Dialog Box

extract dialog

If you are requesting a proximity or neighbor net (or coupled) you must also specify the expansion distance. Note that this distance is called a global parameter because it applies to all extract requests.

    Expansion Distance - this distance is used to "swell" the nets you have selected by the given amount. (Each edge swells out by the expansion distance.) The expanded region is used as a template to test whether other nets are in the range of influence. When entering this value, be careful to use the same units (inches or mm) as the input Gerber file.

Defining Multiple Extractions

You can define as many extractions as needed. Each additional extraction requires little compute power because the majority of the computation is needed to first create and organize all of the nets.

    Next - moves to the next extraction in the list.

    Previous - brings up the previous extraction that was defined.

    New - creates a new extraction request.

    Remove - deletes the extraction that is currently displayed..

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