GDSII Stream Output

Below you see the GDSII output for a two layer PBGA. It has approximately 280 bond fingers.

gdsii of a PBGA

If you want to look at a particular net you can select it for viewing. Let's say that we want to view NET77. Open the structure dialog box and click on NET77.

selecting NET77 to view

For NET 77 there are three boundaries - one on the top metal level (red), one on the via layer (black) and one on the bottom metal layer (blue.) there is also a text label centered on the bond finger called BF1 and another text label centered on the ball pad called C3. These text labels are useful for both viewing and for LVS extraction.

You can also see that the plating trace is quite long and might act as an antenna or might couple to nearby nets.

view of NET77 only


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