Assigning Nets and Node Labels

In many cases you don't have a nice list of nets and coordinate but you do know the net and probe points that you wish to extract for analysis. You can assign nets and nodes using GBRVU as a visual aid.

    Select the desired tab: Nets or Nodes


    Make sure that Set Coordinates is selected


    Click on the View Labels ... button


Netex-G will open GBRVU and load the files in the stackup. Zoom into the region where you wish to place a node or net label.

clicking on View Labels opens GBRVU.

Now position your cursor over the coordinate where you wish to place the net or node label (you can pan and zoom as needed). Once positioned do a "right click". A small node point will appear at that coordinate and the Label Dialog box will be updated with the desired coordinates.

position your cursor over the desired point and right click. the coordinates from GBRVU are transferred to the label dialog.

Enter the label name and the stackup layer in the layer dialog (and assign an optional padstack if you are placing nodes for Ansoft's neutral file) and then click on the Add button.

  type in the label name and stackup number. Then click on Add.

The new label will be placed into the NETEX-G table. You can repeat this process as many times as you need to add nets or nodes.

clicking on add transfers the information into the label table.

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