Net/Node Import Wizard

The import wizard is modeled after Excel's text import wizard. The most significant difference is how the columns are labeled.

import wizard setting start line

In this first step you define which line to start the import. You will want to skip any header lines in your file. In this example, we are importing an AIF file and the netlist information begins in line 20.

defining the delimiters

In this dialog you define the delimiters between columns of data. Most files are delimited by either tabs or spaces (or both...)

In this dialog you define the meaning of each column. For example, in a typical AIF file column 1 is the netname, column 6 is the ball pad label (output node), column 8 is the output X, column 9 is output Y, column 10 is the bond finger number (the input node), column 12 is the input X coord and column 13 is the input Y coord.

defining the columns


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