Layer Input

In order to run, NETEX needs to know where to read the Gerber files from. This section provides that information.

In the NJB file the input files section looks as follows:

2 "C:\shared\data\m1.gbr" normal
4 "C:\shared\data\m2.gbr" normal

Column Definitions

Column 1 - stackup position. Enter the number that corresponds to this Gerber file. Note that it should never line up with a dielectric layer unless it is a solder mask layer.

Column 2 - path and file name. enter the full path and name of the Gerber file. If there are spaces in the path or file name be sure to quote the full path/filename.

Column 3 - normal or reverse. Normal indicates that the "drawn" data represents metal; reverse indicates that the drawn data represents no metal - you might need the reverse option for power plane layers (depending on how they were produced; check first)

The layer input section must begin with B_LAYER_INPUT and end with E_LAYER_INPUT. It is generally the second section in the NJB file.


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