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Revision History

Below you will find the release notes for each revision of GBRPRep/split274x and the changes or fixes made.

GBRPrep 1.01 03/10/2020

Viewer Launch

Fixed a bug in the GUI's viewer launch button that crashed instead of launching GBRVU.

GBRPrep 1.00 03/04/2020

New GUI - GBRPrep Initial Release

GBRPrep includes a Windows GUI and the split274x engine so that the data prep can be run either from a conventional Windows program (gbrprep64.exe) or directly from the underlying engine via a command line. This release and all future releases will be under the GBRPrep name.

v2.89 07/15/2018

New Chord Error Setting

The chord error is used when either decomposing arcs into segments or converting a series of segments back into arcs.

where V = value i.e. 0.001 and
where U = the units i.e. mm | um | inch | mil

New Circularize Function
Many files can be greatly reduced in size if their arcs are converted from a series of short segments into true arcs. The argument -cicularize followed by an optional chord error turns this on. i.e.


If the optional value/units is not specified, then the chord value is taken from the -chord argument