Very Large Bitmap Viewer

VLBV is a specialized monochrome & grayscale bitmap viewer we developed specifically for testing the output of high resolution, large area rasterizers. Some of our rasterizers produce bitmaps that are 1000 mm x 1000 mm at 50,000 DPI.

We needed a way to quickly load, view, measure and compare multi-GB raster files. Unfortunately existing tools such as Photoshop® were either completely unable to load the files or ran so slow as to be unacceptable.

So we built our own viewer. Now it is available for sale to others who have similar needs.



screen shot of the very large bitmap viewer

Viewer Specifications

View monochrome & grayscale TIFF, BMP and RAW bitmaps.

Supports uncompressed and compressed (packbits) TIFF.

Supports 2, 4 and 8 bit TIFF gray scale non-compressed and PackBits).

File size (uncompressed) from 2 GB to 1802 GB.



Fast Pan and Zoom.

Measure distance easily.

Overlay up to three files with color, transparency and offset control.

Extract small windows for further analysis.

XOR layers to produce only difference.


Windows 7/8 64 Bit (no 32 bit support)

8-32 GB Installed RAM is recommended

Fast Hard Drive (SSD recommended)


Special BMP Support

Supports BMP up to 4 GB2

Breaking BMP 4 GB Barrier

Custom Memory Management Library

2 max allowed TIFF or BMP file size of 4 GB is limited by the TIFF header - whether or not it is compressed. No limit to RAW files since there is no header. Monochrome BMP does not support compression and its header also limits the max file size to 4GB.

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