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The IPC2581 database was developed by IPC in 2004 as a way of transmitting a complete set of board manufacturing data and instructions from the designer to the PCB manufacturer. Unlike Gerber data, which is only "artwork" the IPC2581 database includes artwork, nets, layer stackup, drill, BOM and even manufacturing checklists.

As of this writing [July 2012], Cadence and Zuken have announced support for IPC2581. The complete list can be seen at the IPC 2581 consortium's web page.

Artwork has completed a family of IPC2581 based tools available to both OEMs and end users that bridge mechanical, PCB and IC data domains.

IPC2581 Based Products

IPC2581 to Gerber

Converts IPC2581 to RS274X. Why do this? Primarily an OEM library for other software companies that need to support IPC2581 but currently read RS274X.

  NETEX-G - IPC2581 to STEP and Parasolid

NETEX-G converts IPC2581 files to various 3D formats useful for modeling PCBs. This includes Artwork's 3Di file format as well as STEP and Parasolid for SOLIDWORKS users.

IPC2581 to DXF

Converts IPC2581 to AutoCAD's DXF file format. This will enable the conversion of fab data and dimensions into a very commmon format that is easy to read, write and edit.

  IPC2581 Rasterizer

Equipment manufacturers of laser writers may wish to investigate Artwork's IPC2581 RIP. It allows the equipment to directly read and rasterizer IPC2581 data instead of making an intermediate conversion to Gerber.

IPC2581 to GDSII

Converts IPC2581 to GDSII Stream. Why? Because some of the PCB layouts now being built have such fine linewidths that semiconductor type equipment is used to fabricate the masks and boards. In such cases, the required database to drive these machines is GDSII stream.



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