New Support for Binary MI Files

September 1, 1997

When ME-10 stores a drawing file it does so by default in a compressed binary format to save disk space and to speed up I/O. A designer who want to translate or view his drawing on a different software tool normally has to re-export his drawing data in the ASCII MI format.

This can be a bit of a pain-in-the-butt. Furthermore we have been informed that many designers would like to use the MECHVU program to view ME-10 files that are stored in data archives in binary format.

Hence we've added a new routine to our MECHVU/W that samples the first few bytes of the MI file and determines whether it is stored in binary compressed format or in ASCII format. If binary, it automatically decodes and decompresses the file on-the-fly as it loads it into memory. No user intervention is required.

This new feature should make MECHVU even more handy for factory or design teams that want to make a large archive of drawings viewable across the network.

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