Special ME-10 to AutoCAD Font Support

Special Text Support

We have also developed translators between MI's font format and AutoCAD's SHX format. Text has been one of the most difficult items to match since fonts differ. However, you can now construct AutoCAD fonts that exactly match their MI counterparts.

Matching Fonts to DXF Fonts

The standard fonts used in ME-10 don't match those used by AutoCAD. The result when translating drawings where text placement is critical can be seen below. The longer string of text, the more obvious the differences in height to width ratio becomes. Furthermore, certain MI fonts such as the symbol font used in dimensioning, have no equivelant at all in AutoCAD. All special drafting symbols are just plain lost or translated to random characters.

Artwork has addressed this problem by supplying SHX to MI and MI to SHX font translators. One can build AutoCAD fonts that match your MI fonts and vice versa. Using our custom built fonts on drawings translated between DXF and MI will give correct text placement and sizing on both systems.

If you need your translated drawings to meet ANSI drafting standards you will want to use our custom font capability.

If the original DXF drawing looked like this...

...and the MI fonts don'tmatch your DXF fonts, you might get this...

...but by using Artwork's custom built MI fonts, you'll get this.