ME-10 Related Products

Product End of Life

Effective July 1, 2005 Artwork has stopped development on all ME-10 related translators and viewers. New orders will only be accepted for the current versions and no support contracts will be accepted for new orders and no support contracts will be renewed.

ASM 700 MI to Gerber (2-way)

ASM 700 is a two way translator between ME-10's MI format and Gerber photoplot code. The suite includes MI to GBR, GBR to MI, GBRVU (Gerber View/Plot) and MECHVU (MI view/plot).

ASM 750 MI to GDSII ASM 750 (2-way)

ASM 750 is a complete suite of tools for translating between HP's MI database and calma GDSII stream.

ASM 800

ASM 800 is a bidirectional translator between archive and AutoCAD's DXF file format.

ASM 850 MI to DXF (2-way)

ASM 850 is a bidirectional translator between AutoCAD's DXF database and Hewlett Packard's MI database used in ME-10 and ME30.

MECHVU MI Viewer Plotter Translator

MECHVU is an easy to use utility that views and plots ME-10's MI file format. The program includes translators to DXF and IGES so that data can be easily exchanged with other CAD programs. Available on UNIX and Windows.

Gerber to MI Translator

GBR2MI translates Gerber photoplot data for printed circuit boards into Hewlett Packard's MI database format.

Translation Services

Need someone to translate 1000 or more files for you? Check this page for details.

Application Note

Running the ME-10 Engine in Batch Mode