Revision History

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to MECHVU. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

v3.13 10-12-2007

Major Upgrade
Major upgrade to support new ME10 format as well as Flexlm licensing.

v3.01 08-12-99

Layer Grouping by Part Name
Added this feature to map part names to DXF layers. The output is flattened.

v2.40 05-06-99

Default Fonts
Default fonts are changed. Now, both Unicode and non-Unicode use the same set of default fonts, i.e. standard, y14_5, fixed and block.

Font Files
A new set of shx font files are shipped with this version. List of files - standard.shx symbols.shx fixed.shx block.shx d17_c.shx d17_v.shx block_c.shx simplex.shx txt.shx _monotxt.shx _romanc.shx _simplex.shx block_v.shx i3098_c.shx i3098_v.shx romand.shx romant.shx y14_5.shx.

Precision Overflow
Older versions would crash or generate invalid output or view with no data if the ME10 input file has a very high precision that results in more than 9 significant digits. This version has automatic detection to prevent this potential overflow and adjust to a lesser precision.

v2.39 04-19-99

Hatching Limit
Older version would not hatch area if it would create over 1000 hatch lines. This limit has been raised to 10000.

v2.37 03-24-99

Invalid DXF Output
Older versions might generate invalid DXF output when the ME10 input has layer names only differ in upper case and lower case. (i.e. GRID and grid.) This has been fixed.

Invalid IGES Output and Viewing Problem
Older versions would crash or generate invalid IGES output or view with no data if the ME10 input file has a very high precision that results in more than 9 significant digits. Added to this version a control in precision to override the preset precision in the ME10 file.

v2.34 06-23-98

Network License Y2K Updated
This version supports network license (lserv4) which is Y2K Compatible and which also allows license serving from W95 machine.

Long File Names
This version supports the W95/NT4 long file names and directories.

Color Assignments
When viewing, only grouping by layer is activated. This version also views the mi file using the same colors as in ME-10. Prior versions allowed the user to choose between color by group and color by layer - the majority of ME-10 users never use layers so the color by layer viewing was very confusing to them.

Unicode Setting
Default unicode is set to on and will be remembered after the first run. Hatching
Angled hatches were not translated correctly. This has been fixed.

Arrow Heads
Arrow heads were translated to a wrong position. This has been fixed.

v2.32 07-18-97

The Error message is truncated to a limit if the content is too long. This will prevent the program from crashing. This only applies to Windows version.

V2.31 skipped

v2.30 07-16-97

Create Output and View

Create DXF, IGES and view mi file options are now exclusive. Only one can be selected. This feature is changed to generate good results for viewing and output of unicode text characters.

Main Help

A Help button has been added on the main dialog box.

Unicode Translation

Unicode translation of text has been added. A character map file can be specified as the map for unicode translation. Controls can be accessed in the text dialog box. Default map file resides in the installation directory of Mechvu and is called

Text Settings

Text settings are remembered everytime OK is hit in the text dialog box. Older versions tend to remember only if a translation is done.

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