Update and Enhancements to DXF2MIC

Description of Update Comment Scheduled Completion
Increase Vertex Count to 64K Required to handle complex files such as leadframes where we have seen examples with up to 30K vertices (segments, not arcs...). Antonio to Schedule
Line/Arc Linking without fracturing Arcs Currently the linking routine fractures arcs prior to linking. This change would enable the linker to handle arcs and create a boundary that is not fractured. Reason: some very complex shapes with hundreds of radii would be described much more compactly in MIC and would create the most precise possible database. Antonio to Schedule
Add/Improve Support for Splines Splines are used by customers building optical waveguides. Need to support B-splines along with some type of quality factor. Antonio to Schedule
Intelligent Hatch AutoCAD 14 introduced intelligent hatch where the hatch is now a description of boundary entities and island entities; the fill is a mathematical description. Need to support solid hatch and also to support islands. Antonio to Schedule
Automatic Paint/Scratch based on Polygon Embedding Level This function would sort out all closed boundaries (after linking) and sort them by embedding level. Entities with embedding level 0,2,4,6 would be mapped as filled polygons to MIC and entities with embedding level 1,3,5... would be mapped as empty. Some end users (especially in Japan) are drawing various types of masks in this fashion. This option will require R&D committment. Antonio to Schedule
Block to MIC Cell Mapping In general, AutoCAD blocks will be exploded during processing. This option would enable the user to specify that an AutoCAD block would be mapped into a MIC cell. This should only be used for blocks that are stepped to form an array - result: a much smaller MIC file. Antonio to Schedule
Improved Line Linker This will include user adjustable search radius tolerance and elimination of lines which fold back a angles near 180 degrees (see illustration); a primary reason that lines under lines cause linking problems. Antonio to Schedule

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