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GBR2MIC's Main Menu - A button bar takes the user step by step through the conversion process. To see what each button does, run your mouse over the button.



Select Gerber File - The first step is to select the Gerber file to process. This dialog is used for that purpose.

Note: if you routinely use different file extensions for your Gerber files than the ones provided, you can change the file extension filter from the File | Preferences | File Extensions dialog.



Select/Create Aperture - If you open an RS274X file, the aperture data is embedded into the header of the file and this dialog will not even appear.

If you are opening an RS247D file, then you must either select an existing aperture file (assuming you created it during a previous session) or create the name of a new aperture file to be populated.



Aperture - If you open an RS274X file, the aperture dialog is already populated and there is nothing more to do except to click on SAVE.

If you are opening an RS247D file, then you must manually populate the dialog. You should have a list of apertures (D codes) along with their type (round, square, rectangular) and size. Enter these into the dialog and click on SAVE when completed.



Configuration - This dialog controls the various conversion options.

Gerber Options -If you are opening an RS247X file, these options have been extracted from the file header. Do not change them. However if you are opening an RS274D file, you may need to set these Gerber options to values that match the input file.

Translation Options - these options control the translation. Click on a region with your mouse to open a window that describes in detail what that setting does.

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