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Mycronic's FPS and Prexision mask writers can produce high resolution glass masks up to 1 x 1 meter or 1.7 x 2.0 meters in size. Artwork provides translators from Gerber and ODB++ into Mycronic's proprietary mask data format.

Micronic's FPS 5100 mask writer

Gerber and ODB++ files are generated by PCB and package layout tools such as Cadence's Allegro/APD and Mentor's Expedition and Zuken's CR8000 as well as a wide range of other layout tools.


Translates RS274X files into MIC format.


Translates ODB++ files into MIC format.


View and Plot MIC data files. For review.


GBR2MIC and ODB++2MIC run on Linux 64 workstations (the same hardware and OS that Mycronic's control software runs on; MICVU is available both on Linux and also on Windows for those that wish to review the data files from their PC's.

Application Notes

STL2MIC: Printing 3D in Photo Resist using Laser Power Modulation

STL2GBR slices a 3D model (in STL format) into multiple levels and converts each level into a unique MIC layer. This allows modulation of the image writer's power level on a pixel-by-pixel basis and enables users to create 3D objects in thick photo resist.