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- this program and the corresponding web pages are now obsolete. The separate program, odb2oas, has been merged with odb2gds which can output both GDSII and OASIS -

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The ODB2OAS translator was designed as an OEM application for equipment manufacturers that wish to support the OASIS layout format for the purposes of imaging or inspection and who already support the ODB++ PCB manufacturing format.

ODB++ to OASIS data flow

It is also useful for end users who have PCB design tools but who wish to use mask writers that require OASIS stream as their input. [There is also a GDSII stream version of this program]


User Specified Step/Layers

ODB++ files are organized by STEP and by Layers. Users can define the STEP to convert and which layers to process either in a GUI or on the command line.

Smoothness Controls

ODB++ makes extensive use of arcs - OASIS does not. ODB2OAS provides the user a way to control the number of segments per arc as either a fixed value or a value dependent on the arc radius.

Multi-threaded Boolean

Converting areas with many voids into legal boundaries for OASIS can be very compute intensive. ODB2OAS uses a sophisticated, multi-threaded Boolean to accelerate this conversion.

GUI or Command Line UI

The converter can be run from a conventional GUI (on Windows and Linux) or from a command line.