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Wafer maps are used in the back end of the IC manufacturing process to annotate the die on a wafer - the annotation may indicate whether the die is good or bad, the "grade" of the device or whether this device is a reference device.

WMEdit (Wafer Map Editor) enables an engineer to view, edit and convert wafer maps from one format to another.

WMEdit display of an E5-1296 wafer map

Figure 1: WMEdit displaying an E5-1296 wafer map. The program enables the user to pan and zoom. Placing the cursor over a device provides a readout of the physical location, the array position and the bin code.

Supported Formats

SEMI E-142 (XML)









ATT (.A)

CSV (.csv)

SECS II/EG (Binary)

Tokyo Seimitsu/Accretch UF3000/PM-90A

TEL P8 Prober (Binary)

Other Formats

Formats not currently supported but of future interest ...

Cascade Microtech

Additional input and output formats will be added as our customers request them.

Glossary of Terms

Various Map formats use different terms for parameters and measurements. Out glossary of terms provides some details on terms used and can help when converting from one format to another.