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WMEDit User Manual

revised 12/21/2021

Table of Contents


User Interface


  Save As ...

  Rotate Clockwise
  Rotate CounterClockwise

  Wafer Outline
  Device Outline
  Zoom All
  Zoom In
  Zoom Out
  Wafer Map Properties
  Wafer Map Colors
  Status Bar

  About WMEdit

Toolbar Details

Wafer Map Properties

 Wafer Map
 Wafer Geometry
 Selected Device
 Bin Codes
 Header Data

Wafer Map Colors

 Bin Codes

How To

 Opening a Map File
 Convert Map Format
 Editing Bin Codes
 Assign Colors by Quality
 Assign Colors by Bin Code
 Change Device Bin Code
 Add a New Bin Code
 Change Format
 Rotate Wafer