"http://www.w3.org/tr/rec-html40/loose.dtd"> AIF2APD - Import AIF Files Intelligently into Cadence APD
AIF2APD Drop Shadow Header

AIF2APD was developed to enable package designers to very quickly import die information supplied to them in AIF II format. It can also import a complete AIF II file which includes the die, bga package, bond fingers, rings and wirebonds.


This means that feasability tools that can output AIF can directly connect into APD to continue the design work.

We anticipate that many EDA companies will write AIF input/output modules for their design software - Already one can write AIF from Virtuoso, Encore BGA, and Prolinx.

flow chart for AIF2APD

New Multi Die AIF II Although the AIF II format assumes one die and one substrate we have been able to make some extensions to AIF II that enable it to describe multiple die on a single package. This should help support both stacked die and MCM designs. Details ....

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