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AIF Reader/Writer Support Page for Cadence APD/SIP

Artwork is repsponsible for supporting the AIF reader and writer that ships with Cadence APD and SIP products. Cadence users should file a support ticket with Cadence who will then pass the information along to Artwork. We highly recommend that the end user includes a sample AIF file and associated MCM/SIP file (assuming it is related to the support issue.)

Problem Reports

Problem reports and their status/resolution are shown below:

AIF IMPORT FAILS on SPB16.6 Linux - 07-30-2013

End user reported [CCR1172576] that he was unable to import any AIF file after upgrading from 16.5 to 16.6. The error message was generated during the create symbol step:

Create symbol started.

Error(SPMSHCS-1): Symbol is missing a refdes
Error(SPMSHCS-1): Symbol is missing a refdes

Error(SPMSHA1-291): Create Symbol has been aborted.

Further testing indicated that this was not Linux specific; the problem was also observed on Windows.


    A change in SPB from 16.5 to 16.6 requires the code to specifically call out the type of package where previously this was not a requirement. The AIF importer code was updated and a new context for Linux and Windows has been released. End user's can download the context, copy it over the current one and the problem will be resolved.


AIF for SPB 16.6 (LINUX)

aif_v239_SPB166_linux.cxt 161Kb

AIF for SBP 16.6 (WINDOWS)

aif_v239_SPB166_windows.cxt 161Kb



a) only use this update for SBP 16.6.

b) after downloading the correct context
    for your OS, rename it to aif.cxt

c) copy over the old aif.cxt

d) location is <SPB_root>/share/pcb/etc