AIFVU is a stand-alone Windows application for viewing AIF v 2.0 ASCII files.


An enhanced version of AIFVU, called AIFVU PRO, is under development which will include advanced and useful features such as the ability to output customized netlists and to import data -- the enhanced version will require a license.

AIFVU Display

AIFVU reads the ASCII AIF file format and displays the result on screen. You can pan and zoom and set the colors of the die pads, fingers, wires and ball pads.



  1. Net Coloring - this enables you to color die pads, fingers and balls by their net name. Coloring the power and ground ball pads and die pads can be very useful when checking assignments. Color is controlled by a new section in the AIF file called [COLORS]

  2. Rats Nest Display - this enables you to view a rats nest between pins that share the same net. This is quite useful to review how you have assigned die pads to balls and to determine if any assignments will cause package routing problems.

  3. Text height - text height control for balls, fingers and die pads - this gives you precise control over the text height and color so that you can produce "cleaner" looking printouts.

  4. Support for BGA Land Pattern Description - this allows you to add to the AIF file the [BGA] section where you describe the BGA by size, pitch, population and depopulation. It is ideal for IC designers who want a quick look at their die in relation to the package.