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Line Linker

Shows how Artwork's line linker connects line and arcs into closed shapes. (04:20 mm:ss)


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Polygon Reversal & Clipping

Shows how to take a selection of polygons, reverse the polarity and clip to the package extents. This is often a required function since the leadframe designer draws the reversal of the metal. (02:25 mm:ss)


Shape Builder

Shows how to mark polygons in AutoCAD as shapes so that they can be imported into Allegro/APD/SIP. In addition to assigning a polygons a shape property you also deterimne what class it will go to in APD and can also attach a net name if so desired. (01:28 mm:ss)


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Pin Builder

Shows the module that quickly builds a pin at the end of each leadframe conductor. You need such a pin in order to build the symbol for the package. While one could draw this manually, it is much faster to have the program generate them for you. (01:55 mm:ss)


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Creating a Die Symbol

Demonstrates how to create a die symbol by selecting the die outline, selecting the die pads, defining the class for the die pads, numbering the pads and saving the results. You'll need to create a symbol for each die in your package design. You'll also create the package symbol in the same fashion.

What's nice is that you don't have to do a whole design in LayoutGen. If you just want to pass some package or die symbols to APD/SIP you can do that. (03:15 mm:ss)


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Importing into APD/SIP

Demonstrates how to take the output of LayoutGen (a ULF file) and import your design into ADP/SIP. (01:53 mm:ss)


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APD Import Part I (Cadence Presentation)

This video takes you through all the AutoCAD based steps to move a stacked chip design into Cadence SIP. First presented at Cadence's Virtual Conference for the release of Allegro/APD/SIP 16.3. (013:26 mm:ss)


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APD Import Part II (Cadence Presentation)

This video takes you through the second part - importing the data produced by LayoutGen into SIP (04:13 mm:ss)


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Creating a 3D Model from AutoCAD Bond Drawing

May 6, 2010

Describes how to take a simple bond document drawing and convert it using LayoutGen into the 3DI format so that you can view and analyze the wires in 3D. (08:30)


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