Each company has a standard title border used to identify and annotate the wirebond drawing. There are generally a number of fields: originator, checked by, drawing number, part number, comments, revsions.... that must be filled out.

Bondgen's Automatic Documentation routine helps the designer do this quickly and correctly.



The Document Template

The document template is a template for the bond drawing drawing with special "intelligent" features added to it. There are specialized layers and specialized text used for annotation. These layers are:

    BORDER_1 - title border for page 1

    BORDER_2 - title border for pages 2 ... n

    FRAME - frame for aligning the bond drawing data

    TEXT - layer containing variables to be replaced by annotation


Title Border (Page 1)

The first page of the bond document includes quite a lot of annotation including who prepared the drawing, who checked it, who approved it, a summary of revisions and lots of information about the package, the die and the drawings.

All of this "static" information goes on the layer called BORDER_1. (Any variable information will go on a layer called TEXT.)



Title Border (Pages 2...N)

Many bond documents have multiple pages - generally each tier of wires is shown on its own page.

The 2nd through Nth page generally don't repeat all the information one finds on the first page so we allow our users to define a separate template (BORDER_2) that is automatically used with pages 2 ... N. Of course, if you want the document to look the same for all pages just copy BORDER_1 to layer BORDER_2.




The frame is a rectangular zero width closed polyline on a layer called FRAME. It is used by bondgen to scale the template so that if fits nicely around the bond wire drawing. This layer is normally turned off and does not affect the appearance of the final drawing.

The bondwire drawing is always drawn at 1:1 scale - the title border is scaled appropriately so that it fits nicely around the frame.


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