Bondgen Revision History

ACSLIB 3.46, Bondgen 1.53 5/27/2017

AutoCAD 2017/2018 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Wirebond with support for AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD2018.
These versions make use of 32/64 bit registry hives and break out HKLM from HKCU for install settings/user settings.

ACSLIB 3.43, Bondgen 1.52 3/15/2017

AutoCAD 2017 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Bondgen with support for AutoCAD 2017.

Bondgen 1.51/ACSLIB 3.42 February 4,2015

Bug fix & New installer

Fixed a TierGen2 extents and licensing bug reported by Dale at Micron.
New Installer.

Bondgen 1.49/ACSLIB 3.32 February 4,2014

Various Updates

All installers have consistent version labeling in the splash screen and all installers have the new, smaller window size.

Other updates include:

  • Modified tec file to support DIE_SNAP and FINGER_SNAP parameters.
  • New NetOut using new snap parameters.
  • New NCOut with snap parameters added to GUI.

  • Bondgen 1.48/ACSLIB 3.23 for AutoCAD64 bit May 12,2011

    ACSLIB 3.23 for 64 bit

    The 64 library couldn't handle AutoCAD drawing files that were tagged with older version of AutoCAD.

    Bondgen 1.46/ACSLIB 2.85 November 11, 2008

    New Create Empty Package Utility

    This utility is designed to take a completed design done in Cadence or Encore and to strip out the die and wires to create an empty package. It also strips out the net information from the fingers and balls except for any user specified nets to retain -- these are typically the power and ground nets since the user will need to know which balls/rings/fingers are assigned to those type of nets.

    Support Illegal Net Names

    Previous versions of bondgen did not support certain special characters in net names. This version can support additional special characters which were considered illegal.

    Bondgen 1.44/ACSLIB 2.79 August 16, 2008

    AIF import enhancements

    ACSLIB 2.71 May 14, 2008

    No Connection Routine for MCMs

    The No Connection routine (NCOUT) now checks for die-die connections and will no longer incorrectly flag such bonds as not connected. Reported by Unisem.

    Bondable Ring Area

    The AIF Section [BONDABLE_RING_AREA] has been modified so that each element is put on the specified layer (using the name field) instead of creating a new layer for each net name. Requested by Unisem.

    Document Annotation

    Document Setup now immediately inserts Extract variable values into the template if the document template label is of the form 1_$<variable>, A_$<variable> or N_$<variable>. This also applies to 1_$#, A_$# and N_$# which can be used to automatically generate page numbers.

    Bondgen 1.42/ACSLIB 2.66 February 22,2008

    Ring net names

    If the AIF file contains an illegal ring net name such as VDDQ/P, previous attempts to create layer VDDQ/P would fail. The name is now modified, replacing all illegal characters with _ so that layer VDDQ_P would be created instead. Some Unisem files were crashing on import into BondGen. Even though the error is in the AIF format from Sigrity, it should not stop our programs from working.

    Extract data

    Extract data was not being retained properly. This has been fixed. The data Unisem now needs for documentation is available.

    Ball pad pitch

    Ball pad pitch is now calculated and added to the extract data. This was a Unisem requirment.

    OLP Wires

    A simpler version of OLP Wires has been implemented. The new GUI requires that the user identify whether the fingers follow an Arc or Line path and the minimum number of wires per tier. The sample from Unisem now works much better (as do many previous drawing files tested). If the user changes path or minimum wires per tier they should click Refresh to see the change in tier data in the dialog.
    As an example, if you set minimum wires per tier to 1, notice that there is a tier with 1 wire in the Unisem data. The addition of letting the user define minimum number fo wires per tier allows the new OLP Wires to get 100% accuracy on this file (and many others). If you have questions about the new algorithm or see failing cases, please let me know. .

    Bondgen 1.42/ACSLIB 2.59 August 16, 2006

    AutoCAD 2007 Support

    AutoCAD 2007 changes the programming interface and menu system sufficiently that a completely new version of ACSLIB/Bondgen had to be generated. No other changes in Bondgen functionality in this release.

    Bondgen 1.37/ACSLIB 2.49 May 28, 2004

    Netout Enhancement

    NetOut now adds a check box to enable output of all balls belonging to a net. This includes writing to the output file and insertion in the Net Table. [requested by SanDisk]

    Net Table

    The Net Table is an AutoCAD table automatically generated by Bondgen using the NetOut module. The user defines a text height -- cell height and width are calculated based on this value and the maximum length of any piece of data on a per column basis. The cells are drawn as individual closed polylines around each piece of table data, to allow easy separation of the data onto multiple sheets. [requested by SanDisk]

    Bondgen 1.37/ACSLIB 2.45 April 4, 2004

    Netlist Out for Multiple Die

    The Netlist output has been upgraded to support multiple die.

    AutoCAD 2005 Support

    Installation support and menus for AutoCAD 2005 have been added.

    Die Text

    The text for the die pad number and netnames is now created as "free" text instead of a block attribute. This gives the user much more freedom to move, rotate or scale the text. Previously the die text could not be modified as it was part of the block attribute.

    DRC Markers

    DRC Markers are not located on the layer associated with the particular die that the wire attaches to. This makes it easier to differentiate errors based on which die is being examined.

    Die Placement Info

    When a die is placed the coordinates of the placement and the reference designator are now drawn automatically along with a cross hair at the die center.

    Bondgen 1.36/ACSLIB 2.38 April 4, 2004

    Die Pad Text for MCMs/Stacked Die

    We have added support for importing AIF IIm (multi chips) files to Bondgen. This has a knock on effect in various Bondgen functions.

    Die Text - die net names and pad numbers should now appear on the layer associated with the insertion of that die. This improves the ability to create separate sheets of documentation on a per die basis.

    Bondgen 1.36/ACSLIB 2.36 March 2004

    Beginning of Multi-Die Support

    This version of Bondgen now reads the new AIF IIm (multi die) file format and generates a bonding diagram for designs with more than one die. New layers for die pads and wires are generated which are based on the devices reference designator. The primary source for AIF IIm is Cadence APD with the latest versions (2.18 and later) of APD2AIF modules.

    ACSLIB v2.09 12/12/02

    ring-finger markers bug fix

    fixes a bug when importing an AIF file; if the ring finger markers were requested, the dialog generates a crash. (Reported by M. Sitaraman of TXC)

    XYN2AIF v1.15  10/08/2002

    Die Outline Center Fix

    Outputs the center of the die outline. This means that an AIF reader should be able to place the die outline independently of the center of the die pads -- necessary when the die pads are not symmetrically placed on the die outline.

    [reported by Amkor]

    XYN2AIF v1.14  08/21/2002

    Exporting Arc_path arc elements that were part of ring geometry generated two different errors:
    1. The vertex count was incorrect.

    2. The drawing of the arc itself was wrong since the backplane database was interpreted incorrectly.

    This has now been fixed.

    XYN2AIF V1.13a 7/29/2002

    Install Script Update

    Modified the installation routine to deal with changes in the locations of the Encore installation. Older versions of Encore would install in HEDA_ROOT/apps/nav and newer versions install in HEDA_HOME/apps/enc.

    In an attempt to deal with this we modified the install to look for certain registry entries. However with the release of version 2002.1 these registry entries were not consistent and the program would fail to install.

    The install has been modified to check only the environment variable and then to search first for /HEDA_HOME/apps/enc and if this is not found then to search for /HEDA_HOME/apps/nav. If neither is found the installation stops.

    XYN2AIF v1.12  04/20/2002

    Fixed a problem where the program was writing out AIF ball pads more than once.

    Settings Echo'd in AIF File

    Added comments at the beginning of the file that show what user settings were in effect when the AIF file was exported. This should help in sorting out problems.

    acslib version 203 05/01/2002

    Bug Fix - dropped wires in Bondgen

    Corrected a bug (reported by Amkor) where several wires were dropped by the OLP module unexpectedly.

    XYN2AIF v1.11  04/20/2002

    Fixed a problem where the program was incorrectly writing out AIF so that balls that were attached to fingers were not listed on the same line as finger.

    XYN2AIF v1.10  02/08/2002

    Corrected Problem with Ring Data Output

    A change to the internal database of Encore generated some errors in our ring extraction. This has been fixed. (Reported by Amkor)

    Corrected Problem with Representing Stitch Bond

    Could not correctly extract a "stitch" bond i.e. one that went from a finger to ring but not to a die pad. This has been fixed.

    Corrected problem with mulitple die

    Although the user can choose which "die" to use for extracting to AIF, the program could only act on the first die. This has been fixed so that the selected die is now correctly extracted. Note: this does not mean that AIF supports multiple die -- however the user can now extract two separate AIF files -- one for each die.

    XYN2AIF v1.09  09/14/2001

    Fixed Bug for Duplicate Bondfinger Numbers

    Amkor Technology reported a bug where wires were attached to the wrong bondfigner. Further investigation showed that the downbond vias (rbond) were numbered (not standard procedure) and that some of the numbers were the same as regular bondfingers. The program sent some wires to the rbond via incorrectly.

    This has been fixed.

    XYN2AIF v1.08  07/31/2001

    Revised to Support Rotated Die Pads/Balls

    Previous version of XYN2AIF (the module that traverses the Encore database and writes out AIF II format) ignored the rotation of die pad and BGA pins. This did not seem to be necessary initially as we saw only databases using round and square padstacks.

    Based on a request from Amkor we have updated the XYN2AIF program to detect a rotation and build a second padstack as needed (round and square padstacks are symmetrical for 90 degree rotations; rectangular are not ...)

    In the AIF file the generated padstack will be named using the Encore padstack name with the rotation value appended to it... i.e.

    re80x60           original rectangular pad stack name
    re80x60_90        generated padstack rotated 90 degrees

    APD2AIF 1.06 04/20/00

    requires ACSLIB 1.34

    Corrected the handling of rotated die pads
    Previous versions did not correctly rotate the die pads. This has been fixed. Reported by Victor Loperfido of Connexant

    Inclusion of WIRE section to preserve wire diameter
    This version now extracts the wire diameter and places it into the AIF file so that Bondgen can use the appropriately sized polyline when drawing the wires in AutoCAD.

    Correct handling of BGA no connects

    Previous versions did not extract no-connect BGA land pads. This version corrects that.

    ACSLIB 1.34 04/19/00

    Added support for X style termination of bond wires landing on power/ground rings. Requested by several customers who desire the X to confirm that the wire is in fact going to the ring and should not be extended to a finger.

    Bondgen v1.16 04/08/00

    Requires ACSLIB 1.33 or later

    Improved Install

    Improved Install script returns better error messages if install cannot be completed correctly.

    Multi-page Documentation

    Documentation module has been completely rewritten to support multiple pages - The new master template has two layers - the first for Sheet 1 and the second for all following sheets. A document with any number of sheets can now be automatically created. Variables can now be applied to sheet 1 or to any following sheet.

    A new modeless dialog box enables the user to quickly and easily view what layers belong to each sheet.

    Extended data has been used in order to aid in the recovery or editing of completed documentation packages.

    XYN2AIF v1.07  01/24/2000

    Should work with ACSLib 1.24

    Extracts All Bond Fingers

    Previously unconnected bond fingers were not written to the AIF file so did not appear in the AutoCAD dwg file and could not be numbered or labeled. Now all bond fingers are written and if their netname and ball can be identified this information will be passed to AIF.

    Extracts All Die Pads Whether Wired or Not

    Previously, unconnected die pads were not written to the AIF file and thus did not appear in the AutoCAD dwg.

    Preserves User Assigned Bond Finger Labels

    Previously, if any bond finger's name was not valid (for example not assigned), the entire set of names was treated as invalid and a [useless] unique index was assigned to each of them.  XYN2AIF now preserves any valid name and outputs them and outputs blanks for invalid names.  A valid name is currently extracted from a bond finger's "BondFingerName" attribute string.

    Added WireBond Diameter to AIF output

    In the "Misc." Tab of the "AIF Output" dialog box, the user can specify the width of the wire bond wire.  By default, it is set to the first current valid value that is found under a rule's "WBond_Width" attribute.

    acslib V1.24 01/20/2000

    Changes in ACS Library affect Bondgen

    Using acslib124 with Bondgen 1.11 now allows a section in the AIF file called [WIRE] which enables the user to pass a bond wire diameter. This is then reflected in the AutoCAD DWG file. [requested by Amkor and ASAT]

    xyn2aif v1.06 12/21/99

    Ring Data Extraction Revised

    Before this change, the output that was generated included what appeared to be redundant ring geometries. This revision will exclude any smart metal model types geometries that are related to smart metal instances.

    Added CR/LF to AIF file output

    Terminated the end of each line in the AIF file with CR/LF so that programs such as notepad.exe display it correctly.

    xyn2aif v1.05 12/06/99

    Supports Encore 3.1 Beta 2

    code changes were made to support internal changes in Encore 3.1 Beta 2 from the Encore 3.0 version used to develop xyn2aif.

    Fixed Bug in Circle Cutouts

    Circle cutouts in metal areas were not correctly converted to polygons but output as circles with an incorrect vertex count causing the Bondgen program to draw them incorrectly.

    Bug Fix to Circle Y coordinate in ring data ....

    The Y coordinate of the center point for each circle was incorrect. This has been fixed.

    apd2aif v1.04 12/01/99

    Support for Multiple Die

    Earlier versions supported only a single die/package. This version allows the user to select which die and which package should be output to AIF. [Note that AIF still only supports a single die/package but that you can output multiple AIF files, convert them to AutoCAD and then combine them as you see fit. Requested by Xilinx/Siliconware

    Bond Finger Labeling

    Check's for a bond finger label attribute and if present, uses this to label the bond finger. Requested by Xilinx/Siliconware.

    xyn2aif v1.04 12/01/99

    Extracts JEDEC Label for Ball Pads i/o OF Pin Name

    Earlier versions used the land pad's pin name as the ball label but designs imported from Encore 2.0 would then be labeled 1,2,3...

    Now the program check's for H_PIN_NAME and if this value exists it uses this string as the label which should be a JEDEC label. Requested by Amkor

    Release License After Menu Cancel

    Prior to this release a license which had been allocated once the menu opened up was not "released" if the Cancel button was selected - tying up the license for several minutes. This has been fixed.

    Version 1.11 11/24/99

    Requires ACSLIB 1.17

    Reverse order of tiers

    now calls the innermost tier - 1 and counts up from there.

    Fixed wire count when only one wire on a tier.

    When only a single wire was determined to be on a tier, the wire count reported two wires due to the nature of the convex hull calculation. This has been fixed.

    Extract Module Updated

    Corrected the label on wire length.

    Version 1.10 11/22/99

    Added Extract Module

    This module can extract all sorts of useful statistical information about the package shell including: die size, die name, number of fingers, number of tiers, longest and shortest wire, list of balls connected to specified net, etc...

    Extract can be run immediately after creating the package shell but additional information is extracted after running OLP and DRC modules.

    v1.03 XYN2AIF 10/08/99

    Modified the AIFOUT Dialog Box

    The AIF output dialog box is now modeless:this means that a user can access any part of the Encore interface while the dialog box is up. Previously, once the dialog box was up the user had to close it first to get to any other part of the Encore GUI.

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