Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL) P8 & P8XL Map Format

These probers output a pair of binary files containing the wafer map data.



This is a small binary file that stores lot information, wafer parameters and other data. The map data is help in a separate file. This file is needed to convert a map file because of important information is present in the LOT.DAT file.

The items contained in the LOT.DAT file that we use when converting to another map file format include:

Wafer Name       ASCII 12  Bytes
Wafer Size       ASCII 1   Byte
Flat Orientation ASCII 3   Bytes  
Die Size X,Y     ASCII 5*2 Bytes


This binary file stores the wafer map data based on the results of the probing. Each file has the map for a single wafer and up to 50 wafer files can be created for each LOT.DAT file.


Since the wafer.dat file is binary, it is not man-readable. A program must be written to extract the map data and convert it to some sort of ASCII/XML format.

Once you pass the header section, the balance of the file consists of map data. Each device or bin uses 2 Bytes.


It is possible that there are some variations in the binary files output by different versions of this machine. We have seen two different documentation for the header part of the WAFER-XX.DAT file.