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WMBatch Revision History

This page summarizes the changes, enhancements and fixes to the WMBatch program.

WMBatch 1.09 02/23/2020


Corrected problem in reading/mapping bin codes above ASCII 128.

WMBatch 1.08 12/22/2020


Added support for the STIF (ST Microelectronics) wafer map format.


Modified the installer to support the Flexera licensing dongle.

WMBatch 1.07 12/07/2020

Added Support for Viking binary map format

Added support for a binary wafer map format known as Viking (*.vik). Due to limited documentation the following assumptions have been made:

WMBatch 1.06 11/16/2020

New Format

Added support for SEMI G85

IBIS Bug Fix

Fixed some bugs discovered in the IBIS parser/writer.

Floating Point Computations

Improved the accuracy of floating point values when converting formats.

Multiple Wafer Maps in a Single File

Added support for saving multiple wafer map files when the input file contains multiple wafer maps -- provided the format supports it -- but the output wafer map format does not. For example, G85 can contain multiple maps within a single file but SINF cannot.

New Command Directives for Multi-Map Files

Added new command file directive to select a specific wafer for subsequent commands.

WMBatch v1.05 11/05/2020

New Map Formats Added: IBIS

New Input/Output Map Format IBIS was added to WMBatch list of supported formats.

WMBatch v1.04 10/23/2020

New Map Formats Added

New Input/Output Map Formats were added to WMBatch:

WMBatch v1.03 10/15/2020

Added ASY Format

Added support for a new wafer map format called ASY.

Added SECS-EG(TXT) Format

Added support for a format we call SECS(TXT).

Added new bin mapping commands to control bin quality and description.

WMBatch v1.02 10/08/2020

New Format: MAP001

A new ASCII format has been added we are calling MAP001. This was requested by a customer. It consists of a header and map. Each row of the map begins with:


and so on.

New Commmand to Process all Files in Directory

A new command has been added that enables a user to tell the program to process all files in the input directory. The syntax is:

repeat start files in "input_directory_path"
open <FILE.EXT> format MAP001
convert format E5-1296
bin map 00 .
bin map XX X
bin map 01 1
bin map 99 F
save <FILE>_E5.txt
repeat end

In this example we have our input files (any qty) in our input_directory_path. The program will open each file (consecutively) it finds in that directory and then perform the commands such as convert, bin mapping and saving.

WMBatch v1.01 09/27/2020

Initial Release

This is the initial release of WMBatch.