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Revision History for WMAPI

This page contains revision history for the WMLib API libraries.

WMAPI v1.20 06/09/2021

API Naming Changes

This version has minor API naming convention changes and adds .NET functionality for the following functions:

Updated VB Project

The demo VB project has also been updated to demonstrate this functionality.

WMAPI v1.19 06/03/2021

ACS Namespace

The changes in this version are the introduction of a common namespace called ACS across the C++ and .NET versions. This simplifies the class naming and make the two libraries more consistent.

Additional API Functions ported from C++ to .NET

More of the C++ API functions have been ported to .NET. The sample VB .NET project which ships with the package has been updated and now also demonstrates:

WMAPI v1.18 05/27/2021


Function description in PDF documentation updated to include syntax for C++, VB and C#.

WMAPI v1.17 05/25/2021

Initial Release for Testing

1. We would normally call this v0.02 but in order to synchronize the API libraries with the underlying libraries which are much more mature, we are using the revision of the underlying libraries as the starting point for the WMAPI libraries.

2. WMAPI is 64 bit only. Artwork does not develop new products in 32 bits.

3. WMAPI requires .NET v4.7. If your machine does not yet include this version of .NET, please download it from Microsoft using this link:


4. WMAPI requires the MS 2015 64 bit Redistibutables. If your machine does not already have these installed, you can download/install them from this page on the Microsoft web site:


5. This version of WMAPI does not yet support C#. Only VB.NET.

6. A number of wafer map formats are not yet available for this version of WMAPI including SEMI E-142 and WWF. Support for these formats is under development.