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Artwork Conversion Software, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Steve DiBartolomeo and Antonio Morawski and incorporated in 1989. Both founders have advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and had over 10 years experience in RF, hybrid and semiconductor design prior to founding Artwork. The company develops CAD translation programs, CAD viewers, geometry libraries, rasterizing software and IC packaging software. Artwork is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA with a development office in Manhattan Beach, CA. The company has been profitable since its inception, has no debt and is privately held.

Developer Associations

AutoDesk 3rd Party Developer

SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Provider

SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Provider

Target Markets

Customer Base

Over 5000 customers worldwide including Alcatel, AMD, Applied Materials, Agere, Bosch, KLA Tencor, Motorola, Ericsson, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, Photronics, Siemens, Seagate, Sony, TRW ...

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OEM and Strategic Relationships

Artwork works closely with both large and small CAE/CAD companies. Because we specialize in translators we can often focus more resources on a specialized translation problem than a larger company is willing to. Some of our OEM relationships include:



Artwork provides ADTEC with high speed Gerber, GDSII, and ODB++ rasterizers for their line of direct imaging exposure system.

Applied Materials


Applied Materials, a leader in semiconductor fabrication and inspection equipment, uses Artwork's GDSII and OASIS libraries in software to analyze and categorize defects in masks.


Pittsburgh, PA

Ansys is a leader in heat and flow simulation software; their thermal analysis software, IcePak, integrates Artwork's NETEX-G software in order to extract conductor and drill geometry from printed circuit board layouts.


South Africa

Altair OEMs Artwork's NETEX-G/ODB package in order to import PCB layout data into their Electromagnetic Simulator.

Cadence Design Systems

San Jose, CA

Artwork OEMs an AIF import/export converter for Cadence's Allegro Package Designer (APD) software as well as a 3D viewer and DRC.



Dynatron is a leading supplier of Gerber CAM in Japan. Dynatron uses a number of Artwork libraries for geometry manipulation and design rule checking.


Fremont, CA

FEI uses Artwork's QISLib as the engine for their Nexus software which drives the CAD navigation on IREM, EBeam, FIB P2X and FIB P3X equipment.


Darmstadt, Germany

CST develops and markets software tools for the simulation of electromagnetic fields in all frequency bands. CST has integrated Artwork's NETEX-G and GBRUNion into its Microwave Design Studio as an efficient way to import PCB layout data.



4PICO specializes in equipment and services around solid state UV light sources. They license from Artwork DXF, GDSII and OASIS translators and rasterizers.

Aiscent Technologies


Aiscent Technologies uses Artwork Gerber, ODB++ and GDSII translators and rasterizers for their LDI.



Artwork supplies Nova with GDSII and OASIS tools for their metrology equipment.

LAM Research - Coventor

Milpitas, CA

Coventor licenses Artwork's GDSII and OASIS tools in their 3D chip modeling tools.

Notion Systems


Artwork provides Notion Systems with a specialized rasterizer for industrial inkjet printers - Gerber and ODB++ data are converted into a bitmap that compensates for ink density as well as the droplet diameter.

Mirero System Co.

Seoul, South Korea

Mirero manufactures inspection systems for semiconductor and flat panel display mask shops. Mirero uses Artwork's rasterizers to generate high resolution bitmaps from the mask CAD data.

Mycronic Laser Systems

Taby, Sweden

Mycronic offers image writers for photo mask manufacturing for semiconductors, displays, and a wide range of packaging and other high-end lithographic needs. Artwork has developed two translators,Gerber and ODB++ to into Mycronic's MIC pattern format ...

Nimbic (now a division of Mentor)

Bellevue, WA

Nimbic licenses Artwork's DXF translator in order to import designs such as lead frames into their full wave EM simulation tools.

Nano Dimension


Nano Dimension licenses Artwork Gerber, ODB++ and STL in their multi layer 3D inkjet printer.


Mountain View, CA

Synopsys licenses Artwork's Gerber and ODB++ interface to GDSII for their SysNav tools.