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OEMs have requested that Artwork provide the gbr2greyscale RIP as a library in DLL format. We have done that along with sample code that illustrates how to use the library.

library flow chart

Library Support

After installing the gbr2greyscale release, the user will find a subdirectory called "source." Inside this subdirectory are the following files that can be used to create an executable called sample.exe. This executable calls gbr2greyscale.dll which can be found in the main directory one level up from the source directory.

gbr2greyscale.lib      library file 

igbriplib.h            header file exposing functions and enumerating variables 

sample.cpp             sample C++ code for the application

smaple.sln             solutions file for the project

sample.vcproj          Microsoft Visual 2010 project file

sample_test.bat        batch file for executing the sample.exe

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