InkRaster Library

For programmers who want to interface with the InkRaster program as a library, they can use the inkraster64.dll instead of the inkraster64.exe. In order to enable this usage, we provide the following files in the release area:

Lib File


Header File


Microsoft Project File


Visual Studio Solution File


Sample C++ Code


Function Calls

This library emulates the command line behavior of the executable. Therefore there is only a single function call. The calling program must collect the various command line arguments from the user and then create an argument list that is passed to the library.

int InkRaster(int argc, char **argv)


argv[0] must be set to the InkRaster dll's full path
        e.g. "C:\Program Files\InkjetCo\artwork\bin\"

argv[1] must be set to the full input path to the file
        e.g. "E:\Cad Data\customer 1\test.gbr"

argv[2] must be set to -out:<outfile>
        e.g. "-outfile:E:\Raster Queue\test.bmp"

all additional arguments are those that would be normally supplied onto the command line.

-bmp                                    : BMP output
-workdir<dir>                           : Work directory
-log:<fname>                            : Log filename
-thrnum:<num>                           : Thread number
-dpi:<val>[,val]                        : Output DPI (default: 1000)
-droplet:<size><um|inch>                : Droplet size (default: 40um)
-minfeature:<size><um|inch>             : Minimum size (default: Droplet/2.0)
-coverage:<fill>[,edge]                 : Droplet Coverage (default: 0.5,1.0)
-compensate:<fill>[,edge]               : Droplet Compensation (default: 1.0,0.5)
-window:<minx,miny,maxx,maxy>           : Extraction window (same unit as input)
-margin:<val>[,val][,val][,val]         : Window margin (1|2|4 values in input unit)
-reversal                               : Reverse roles of digitized data
-mirror:<x|y|xy>                        : Mirror X, Y or both
-rotate:<val>                           : Rotation (CCW)
-scale:<val>[,val]                      : Scale factor in X and Y direction
-border:<val>[,val][px][,fill]          : Add Border (1|2|4 values in input unit|pixel)
-keep_tmp                               : Keep temporary files
-silent                                 : Run in silent mode
-drop                                   : OK to drop data
-extent                                 : Get input extent (write to outfile), no raster output


0=success 1=error

Error Messages

Error messages are written to the log file except for license and usage errors.

Message Box

A message box will pop up unless -silent is one of the arguments.

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