InkRaster Revision History

This page contains the summary of InkRaster release dates, versions and changes/fixes made for that release.

Version 1.19    4/16/2020

Software Updates

Fixed the output header to reflect DPI with decimal values.
Updated boolean library to the latest (v2.645).

Version 1.18    10/16/2019

Software Updates

Fixed an issue when the calculated width of the image does not match the padded image width. In previous releases, we modify the width in the header to match the calculated unpadded width without modifying the image data. This works if the difference is less than 8 pixels. If there are 8 or more pixels difference, viewers will not be able to show the correct image. In this release, we modify the image data when needed according to the calculated image width.

Version 1.17    9/12/2018

Software Updates

Updated the software to allow for zero width draws. InkRaster will no longer report zero width draws as an error and instead report it as a warning.
Added the warnings and errors in the log file.
Modified Image width calculation (using ceiling instead of rounding).
Fixed an issue that causes the sample program that's compiled from the supplied source code not to work properly.

Version 1.16    11/1/2017

Software Updates

BMP output's image height is no longer negative.

Version 1.15    10/13/2017

Software Updates

BMP output is no longer mirrored.

Removed left over SSN files from working directory.

Version 1.14    7/6/2017

Software Updates

Added a third coverage value in the gui and command line optional argument "-coverage". The third value is the coverage of the recovered narrow line - the default value is the equal to the edge coverage value.

Narrow lines are extended to avoid large gaps.

Modified image width to unpadded value.

Added optional argument "-adjustpx" to add one pixel to the edge (this was default behavior in previous releases).

Version 1.13    5/15/2017

Intermediate pop-up Disabled

Disable pop-ups of intermediate modules. If not silent, the program will report warnings (if any) at the end of the conversion.

Version 1.12    1/04/2017

Bug Fix for -reversal

Fixed the issue where the rasterizer failed to output the correct window with transformation when "-reversal" is specified. When reversal was specified, there was a step in the process that uses an invalid extent if transformation is present.

Version 1.11    12/06/2016

Bug Fix for -unit and -minfeature

Fixed a bug in the command line where the arguments -unit and -minfeature were not read correctly.

Updated Example

Updated the supplied batch file example to use the proper optional arguments.

Version 1.10    11/16/2016

New User Interface

Added a QT based user interface. Command line or GUI usage is now possible.

command line unit control

Added an optional argument -unit:mm|inch|um. This option affects the units of the values specified with the following command line arguments:


If this option is not used, the Gerber input file's units (either inch or mm) are used.

Margin specified in Pixels

The margin can now be specified in pixels (previously only could be specified in Gerber file units.) To do this use the command line as such:

For example if you want a 200 pixels margin all around the data extents the option would be:

Bug Fix - bitmap width

Customer reported that the image width was off by one pixel. This has been fixed.

Version 1.09    06/10/2016

Issue with Gerber File Offset away from 0,0

Fixed issue where data far from 0,0 coordinate did not rasterized properly. What we did is trim the precision if the data is in danger of overflow.

Version 1.08    03/15/2016

Library Support

Added inkraster64.lib, acs_inkraster.h, inkraster_sample.sln, inkraster_sample.vcproj and sample.cpp to enable users to call the program as a library.

Version 1.07    02/22/2016

Software Updates

Added the option "-reversal" to reverse roles of digitized data.
Renamed the old "-margin" option to "-border".
Added a new "-margin" option that adds a margin (in input units) to the calculated/specified input window.

Version 1.06    02/18/2016

Software Updates

Fixed bug in creating bmp and/or inverse output when fill coverage is equals to edge coverage.
Added unit with the extent output.
Modified default DPI to be 1000.

Version 1.05    02/06/2016

Narrow Line Recovery

Improved the narrow line recovery algorithm

Extents Computation

new argument that computes and returns the data extents without any rasterization.

Version 1.04    02/06/2016

Argument Adjustment

Corrected the -mirror: argument. Axes were reversed.


User can now set margins in vector units or in pixels. To set margins in vector units: -margin:X     to set margins in pixels -margin:Npx where N is the number of pixels.

Version 1.03    02/04/2016

Additional Controls

Added rotation and mirroring to the data transformations

Version 1.02    02/02/2016

Bug Fix

Corrected a crashing problem with v1.01.

Version 1.01    01/29/2016

Command Line Window Controls

Added -window, -margin and -invert command line arguments.

Version 1.00    01/26/2016

Initial Release

Initial Release of InkRaster program.

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