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Principles of Operation

The Real Time Correction Rasterizer (RTCR) is organized as shown in the image below. Hover over each module to see details about that module's operation.

v3_rtcr_flow.gif Correction annotation corrected GDSII Scan Load Internal DB Exploder Window Selection polygon buffer raster thread image buffer formatter bitmap file

This flow will be modified shortly to reduce latency.

The Real Time Correction Rasterizer (RTCR) relies on the assumption that the input data consists of two separate components:

How Does RTCR Use this Assumption?

What About the Background or Frame Data?

How Does RTCR tell the repeating cells from the background?

Is this a Reasonable Assumption?

What if the Frame and Repeating Data Interact?

What If I Mix Different Circuits on a Panel?

My Panel Has the Same Circuit Rotated 90 and 180 degrees. Will it Work?