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Introduction to v3

The RTCR v3 (Real Time Correction Rasterizer) program was developed to meet two important image writer requirements:

Version 3 - QmRTCR

Version 3 is based on the previous v2 but includes a new internal architecture based on QisMLib.

Details of the differences can be found here.

What drives these requirements?

This is why we called our new software RIP the "real time correction rasterizer".

Principle of Operation

The RTCR achieves its speed by taking the advantage of the fact that most micro-electronic masks contain large amounts of repetition. If that can be extracted then bit copy operations can be used which are much faster than brute force raster computations. READ MORE ...


  • Distortion Correction
  • Double Buffering
  • Striping and Memory Management

    The image produced by RTCR can be as large as several hundred GBytes (uncompressed). How does the program manage available RAM (which is typically in the 32 to 64 GB range) to produce that file? Striping ... READ MORE ...

    Command Line and Config File

    Describes the command line and configuration file that can be used to execute the rasterizer. Details