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Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

This page contains links to video tutorials and demonstrations for Artwork's SFGEN/RTCR rasterizer solutions.

NRTCR Programming Overview

October 27, 2015

An overview for programmers who plan to call Artwork's NRTCR (Nextgen Real Time Correction RIP) library from their own application. It explains the basis information that is passed to the library and how the library then converts a specified region of your GDSII data into a bitmap.

Rasterizing a 300 mm Wafer Mask

October 23, 2015

In this demonstration we show how to set up the command line, the configuration file and the correction file for a 200 MB GDSII file that represents the RDL layer of a 300 mm wafer. We then time the results and show that a 300 x 4 mm stripe, rasterized as 127,000 DPI, can be produced in less than 4 seconds.

ODB++ Rasterization w. Correction
Part I

March 14, 2014

In this video we show how SFGEN is used to convert a ODB++ panel into GDSII and then run the RTCR rasterizer (without any correction).

ODB++ Rasterization w. Correction
Part II

March 14, 2014

In this video we show we explain how a correction file is generated and use it to generate a "stretched" bitmap. We then overlay the uncorrected bitmap over the corrected bitmap and compare the two.

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