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AutoCAD Related Tools

ASM 2500 Pattern Generator
ASM 3500 DXF to GDSII Translator
ASM 500 DXF to Gerber Translators
ACADto3Di - 3D Package Modeler
BBPRO Line Linker
Boolean - Library for Boolean Operations
BFLAT - DXF Flattening Utility
HP2DXF HP Plot File to DXF Translator
App Note: Drawing for Hybrid Circuits
App Note: Drawing PCBs
App Note: Generating Drill Files [FLASH]
App Note: Paint and Scratch [FLASH]


ASM 600 GDSII to Gerber Bidirectional
ASM 410 - IGES to GDSII Translator
ASM 400 - GDSII to IGES Translator
ASM 3500 - DXF to GDSII Bidirectional
ASM 2600 GDSII to Pattern Generator
Area Fill Utility
GDSSR - Wafer Mask Step and Repeat
GDSRIP - Hi Res Rasterizer
GDSII Data Compactor
GDSII to ASCII Converter
GDSVU - GDSII Viewer (legacy)
GDSPLOT - Large Format Chip Plotting Software
Cadence Plot Interface
GDSFilt - GDSII merge, extract, combine Utility
Net Tracing Engine
NETEX - Net Extractor
Qckvu3 - 3rd Generation GDSII/OASIS/OA Viewer
QISLIB - GDSII/OASIS Viewing/Geometry Engine (DLL)
STL2GDS - STL to GDSII slicer/translator
QckBool - Boolean for union, xor, sizing ...
Qckvu (Windows) - GDSII Viewer
Qckvu (Unix/Linux) - GDSII Viewer
MBSVU - MEBES and Job Deck Viewer
MEBES to TIFF Converter
MEBES to GDSII Translator
MEBES Job Deck Generator (arrays)
TIFF2MEBES - TIFF (Bitmap) to MEBES/GDSII Converter
CIF to DXF Translator
CIF to GDSII Translator
CIF Viewer
App Note: De-Embedding Polygons
App Note: Converting Bitmaps to GDSII
App Note: Max number of Vertices in GDSII

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