3Di2XT 3Di to parasolid converter

The 3Di2XT (3Di to parasolid) was developed to speed up the importation of large data sets into programs such as SolidWorks that use the parasolid modeling engine as their kernel.

3Di to parasolid X_T flow

Artwork's STEP output can be imported into SolidWorks but the speed at which large files are imported is quite slow and as PCBs and packages get larger and more complex, the import speed became a critical bottleneck.

Artwork also has a direct API based importer but this approach also suffers from the same speed issues when importing a large number of solid bodies into the same part.


In the video below we demonstrate how to go from a PCB (layout in ODB++) to parasolids and then import into SolidWorks.

parasolids for SpaceClaim

Our initial implementation of parasolids was designed with SolidWorks in mind. However SpaceClaim users noted that instead of the expected hierarchy (all bodies for each layer aggregated into a separate part) all the solid bodies for the entire PCB were lumped into a single assembly.

In order to address this, we analyzed the parasolids files produced by SpaceClaim and now offer two versions of parasolid output: the original and a new flavor we called "assembly".

To produce a parasolid file optimized for SpaceClaim use the assembly check box in the 3DVU export:

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