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Downloading Read3Di

You can download the Read3Di plug-in for SolidWorks from this page.

Requesting Password and License Strings

Prior to downloading you should contact Artwork and request the following information:

Note: please provide your complete contact information: name, company, address, telephone, email and reason for requesting an evaluation. We will not issue evaluation licenses unless we have that full information.

Getting Your Hostid

In order for us to generate license strings you need to provide us your machine's ID. This is best done by downloading the utility and running it on your machine. Use the System Settings tab and copy the Ethernet Address that it displays. See below:

screen shot of LMTOOLS (System Settings Tab)

Read3Di for SolidWorks 2010-2018 64 bit


v2.0.25 1.9 MB 01/30/2019

3DVU 64 Bit- Viewer for 3Di File Format


v2.81 09/16/2020 31 MB

Installation Video