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Q. I tried to import a 3Di file but the parts fail to create. Why?

A. One possibility, especially if you can't get any - even the smallest 3Di file to import - is related to what SolidWorks calls the default templates. These are templates that are selected by default for certain operations including file import.

If the template is not defined, or if it is defined and does not exist then Read3Di can't create a part.

You can check up on this as follows:

From the menu drop down Tools, scroll down until you can select Options. A dialog will appear where you can select Default Templates. You should see a dialog as shown below:


Make sure that there are files associated with parts and assemblies and check that those files actually exist in the location referenced. If these are missing or point to non-existent or invalid template files then Read3Di will not be able to create a part (or an assembly).

Steve DiBartolomeo, September 2, 2015.

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