Read3Di Sample Files

This page contains samples from EDA sources such as Gerber, GDSII, Allegro, SIP and AutoCAD.

AutoCAD LeadFrame

One would think that because SolidWorks reads DXF directly, there would be no need for an AutoCAD example. However it turns out that many EDA layouts drawn in AutoCAD need significant processing to move correctly into SolidWorks.

In the example here, we started with a 2D AutoCAD drawing of an IC package leadframe and using Artwork's LAYOUTGEN we created a 3DI output that can be brought into SolidWorks.

If you don't believe Read3Di is useful in this example, try bringing in the data directly from DXF into SolidWorks.

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  leadframe example

Printed Circuit Board from Gerber/Drill

This 3D import starts with Gerber and Drill from a PCB layout and ends up as a 3D board in SolidWorks.

  gerber example

RF Board from ODB__

This 3D import starts with Cadence SIP which can export 3Di directly.

  SIP example

IC Package from SIP

This 3D import starts with Cadence SIP which can export 3Di directly.

  SIP example


This 3D import starts with a GDSII file. A small window containing 3 spiral inductors is clipped out of the complete IC layout [We used Qckvu3's Hextract plug-in to do the clipping].

Next, using Qckvu3's Extract 3D plug-in we placed the various layers into a stackup and assigned them thickness. (the thickness values used were exaggerated so that one could see the 3D image better ...)

The resulting 3DI file was imported into SolidWorks using our Read3Di add-in.

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  IC spiral inductor example

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