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Below you will find videos showing how to convert both Gerber/Drill files into SolidWorks as well as ODB++ files.

Importing Gerber/Drill into SolidWorks

We take the 4 Gerber files used to create a PCB along with the drill files and convert them into a 3D model. Of particular note is the issues involved in correctly converting the drill into a compatible Gerber file.

07:08 mm:ss


Converting a Flip Chip Substrate into SolidWorks

Starting from the ODB++ output of a flip chip design, we extract a small section under the center part of the chip where the vias that conduct heat are located. We then produce a SolidWorks model of this with special attention to features needed to perform a finite element analysis of the thermal transfer through the substrate, conductors and vias.

05:40 mm:ss

Gerber PCB into SolidWorks

Convert a two layer board (with irregular board outline) and this time include the top and bottom solder mask as part of the 3D model.

05:11 mm:ss

Creating a 3D Model in SolidWorks from a Flexboard's Gerber and Drill Data.

Our user wants to convert the Gerber/Drill data used to make a flexboard, and convert it into a 3D Model in SolidWorks. The intent is to model the thermal properties of the flexboard. This requires some special processing of the 3D data to optimize it for meshing. We show how to set this up using NETEX-G.

04:19 mm:ss
  Creating a 3D Model in SolidWorks from a Flexboard's Gerber and Drill Data.

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