Checking the License Server Status


Any time you change the license.dat file or stop and restart the license manager you should check the server's status. Also, if users report they can't get a license, a good place to start checking for problems is to insure that the service is running correctly and that licenses are available. Use the lmtools.exe program to check the server status as needed.

lmtools dialog box for checking server status.
  1. select the tab called: Server Status

  2. Click on the button: Perform Status Enquiry.

  3. After a second or two details will appear in the text window. Scroll down and you can see which products are licensed, how many licenses are available and which users (if any) are accessing licenses.

lmtools dialog box for checking server status.


To run the server status on Unix, type the command: ./lmstat -A to show all the active licenses in use - (shown below).

# ./lmstat -A
lmstat - Copyright (C) 1989-2002 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
Flexible License Manager status on Mon 11/25/2002 10:25

License server status: 1701@artwork
    License file(s) on artwork: /opt/flexlm/license.dat:

   artwork: license server UP (MASTER) v8.1

Vendor daemon status (on artwork):

      hscd: UP v6.0
    cdslmd: UP v6.1
   act_inc: UP v5.0
       OEA: UP v6.1
   artwork: UP v8.1

Feature usage info:

Users of ACS53OO:  (Total of 3 licenses available)

  "ACS53OO" v1.0, vendor: artwork
  floating license

    hagai asmsc36 /dev/pts/0 (v1.0) (artwork/1701 242), start Fri 11/22 16:06

According to this sample, for the product ACS53OO (QCKVU): 3 licenses are available, and 1 license is in use by hagai at asmsc36.