creating Second Service for Flexlm under Windows

In some cases, the server will have Flexlm installed already and running a service for an existing software (Cadence, Ansoft, Mentor etc.).
To add our key codes to the server, you will need to create an additional service which will point to our license file, and of course it can use the same lmgrd.exe you already have.

Here is how it is done...

Here is how it is done...

License File

Define a port number in the first line of Artwork's license file. The port should be open and different than the port number used by other applications.

SERVER ASMSC32 0020E06AD89F 27001
DAEMON artwork c:\flexlm\artwork.exe

The second line with the daemon statement should properly point to the "artwork.exe" daemon.

Running lmtools.exe

Next, you'll need to set up a new service in LMTOOLS.
Start lmtools.exe, Go to the Config Services tab, and change the Service Name to something new. Enter in the three fields below for the lmgrd.exe path, license file path (for the artwork license file), and a debug log path.

lmtools dialog box for creating additional service.

Stop/Restart license manager

Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and click Start Server. You should now have two servers running on the same machine with different port numbers. You can quit lmtools at this point.


Add the new port@host to your LM_LICENSE_FILE variable (with a semicolon to separate it from the previous value).