Installing Licenses on a Pre-existing Flexlm Server

Many of Artwork's customers already have flexlm running on their network to license other applications. This page describes how to add artwork's daemon and license strings to a pre-existing flexlm server (on Windows)

License Server FAQ

  1. Log into the machine running flexlm. You will need administrative privledges to make any changes. Get the machine's hostid using either the lmutil utility or ipconfig. [Details] Email the server's hostid to Artwork so that you can get the license strings for you product back.

  2. Check the version of flexlm that is currently running. You can do this with utilities provided by Globetrotter including: lmutil.exe or lmtools.exe. [Details]
    Please note that prior versions of lmtools.exe will not report licensing status correctly so it is important to load the latest lmtools.exe from this page.

  3. If the flexlm version is earlier than 11.1 then you must upgrade to 11.1 (or later). Artwork's daemon will not work with earlier versions. You can do this by downloading the file lmgrd.exe from Artwork's site and copying it over the current version. (Note: in order to be able to copy over the existing lmgrd.exe you will have to first stop the service using either lmtools.exe or from the Windows control panel.)

  4. Copy Artwork's daemon, artwork.exe, to the directory where flexlm is installed. (Typically this is something like C:\flexlm ) You could put the artwork.exe anywhere on this machine but you must remember where so that you can properly configure the license string.

  5. Add license string(s) to the license file.

    You can add this section anywhere in the file except before the SERVER line.

    The first line of the string must be configured for your particular setup:

    VENDOR artwork c:\flexlm\artwork.exe
    FEATURES ACS3500 artwork 1.0 18-Aug-2008 2 SIGN="00DA 56AF A532 ....."

    The VENDOR (used to be DAEMON) line tells flexlm to run the daemon named artwork and gives it the full path and name of the daemon exe. There are some optional arguments on this line that can be present also but they are not germane to these instructions.

    There may be multiple FEATURES lines. Each FEATURES line licenses a particular product or even a particular function within a product. You should copy the FEATURES line to the license file exactly as is - do not enter any CR/LF in the middle of the line.

  6. Check your work. Use the lmutil.exe or lmtools.exe to reread the license file and then check to see if the Artwork program is licensed. [Details]