Getting a Flexlm Hostid on Windows

The flexlm license manager must be "locked" to its server. There are several possible ways to lock the server: to the machine's network card using the MAC address; to a hardware key; to some other unique ID on the machine such as a hard disk ID or even a CPU ID. Our method is to use the network card's ethernet MAC address.


IPCONFIG is a built-in Windows command for configuring and reading the network settings. One of the items that ipconfig reports is the Ethernet adaptor's physical address. From a DOS box (command prompt) enter the command:

C:\> ipconfig /all

You should see a screen that contains this type of information:

using ipconfig to get the computer's ethernet adaptor MAC address.

You need to email to Artwork the server's Physical Address: i.e. 00-24-1D-80-1C-B3.

Using lmtools.exe

lmtools.exe is a utility provided by Flexera that can be used to get a machine's hostid. (It includes a wide range of tools for configuring, diagnosing and testing the license manager.)

To use it, run lmtools.exe and switch the dialog box's tab to System Settings as shown in the screen shot below.

lmtools dialog showing Ethernet address

Copy and paste the Ethernet address into your email and send it to Artwork to get your keystrings for this server. Many machines have more than one ethernet adaptor. Make sure you supply all of them and in the same order as they appear in the dialog box.

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