Solaris C++ Runtime Library Patches

November 4,2005

Many of Artwork's programs running on Solaris make use of the C++ library. Unfortunately, not all Solaris installs have the C++ runtime libraries installed by default. Therefore if you execute one of our programs on a machine lacking the C++ run time libraries you will get an error message similar to the one shown below; install the patches listed below (in the order shown, please) and then try again before contacting Artwork about the problem.

Typical Error Message due to missing C++ Runtime Libraries

If you were to run our gbr2mic program and the runtime libraries were missing you would see:

 artwork[/y1/acs/gbr]=>/y1/acs/gbr/gbr2mic /y1/acs/gbr/gbr2mic: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

If you see a similar error message, install the patches containing the C++ runtime libs which are available from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle)' Web pages:

Installing Solaris Recommended Patches

Required Patches

Install the following patches in the order listed. Note that these are the current patches as of October 25, 2004. You may find more recent versions if you check the Sun page on a later date.

109147-07 linker patch

108434-20 32 bit library

108435-20 64 bit library

Complete Patch Cluster

If you want to be thorough, you should install a patch cluster which includes all patches to your version of the operating system. This takes longer but you will have a complete up-to-date OS and the cluster includes all of the C++ run time libraries used by Artwork's software.

Solaris 8

Solaris 8 users can download the C++ run time libraries from our site directly. 153 MB

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