ASM 2500 converts AutoCAD's DXF format into Pattern Generator code for Electromask and David Mann machines. Many designers use AutoCAD to layout the masks for microwave thin film circuits, resistor arrays, optical encoders, chemical milling masks, and semiconductor reticles. Output code supports Electromask 2000, Mann 3000 and Mann 3600 pattern generators. A pattern generator viewing utility, PGCAM, enables the designer to preview and plot his data before making the mask.



  • Electromask or DW Mann formats

  • Supports hierarchical files

  • Handles all angle data

  • Includes PGCAM to view Flash Data

  • Modules

    The ASM 2500 program includes the following modules:


    Reads in DXF and fractures each boundary into rectangular flashes. Supports a variety of entities such as lines, arcs, polylines, circles, solids. Supports nested blocks. Choice of fracturing algorithms depending on the complexity of the input shapes. User can specify a list of layers to fracture. Converts autoCAD text strings into flashes using built in PG font. Outputs Intermediate Binary File [.int]

    Electromask Formatter

    Reads the .int file from DXF2PG and creates Electromask 2000 format PG code. Includes functions for arraying data, oversizing flashes, offsetting data and scaling. Can combine several different intermediate files into a single PG file.

    MMASK Formatter

    Takes .int file from DXF2PG and creates David Mann 3000 or 3600 PG code. Same functions as EMASK. Includes utility for tape directory preparation.


    Displays PG output from any of the above formats. Used for verifying correct fracturing. Includes measurement facility, flash count display, minimum and maximum flash size encountered and bias information. Print and plot to laserjets, inkjets and Postscript devices.

    Flash data can be examined with the flashes filled solid (as the film would appear) or outlines. Up to 16 layers can be displayed simultaneously for checking registration. Layers can also be displayed as negatives.

    PGCAM calculates the extents and center of each PG data file. It also displays the smallest and largest flash encountered - a valuable feature when checking data from other sources.

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