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Bool.dll is a library that performs two dimensional polygon booleans - it supports the basic operations needed when processing polygons for mask making and field analysis. These boolean operations include:

  • union - combining touching or overlapping polygons into a single polygon
  • difference - subtracting one polygon (or set) from another
  • intersection - finding the intersection between two polygons (or sets)
  • XOR - NOT the intersection of two sets.
  • sizing - increasing or decreasing the size of a polygon by a specified amount
  • de-embedding - sorting a collection of polygons into parent and children (for purposes of polarity calculations)

bool.dll flow - callling application uses bool.dll to operate on a set of polygons.

The calling program passes bool.dll a list (or two lists) of polygons, specifies the operation and parameters and then gets back a new set of polygons in memory.

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