MBSVU is a high speed MEBESŪ viewer intended for use by mask and IC designers that need to review either MEBES files or complete mask images built up using a Job Deck. It has been optimized to load very large files quickly into memory and then to display the desired chip and levels quickly.

MBSVU can be used to verify that the MEBES data matches the desired design data and can be used to measure critical dimensions.


Supported Platforms

  • Sun Solaris 2.6 or later

  • HPUX 10.2 or later

  • Windows NT/2000

  • Linux (RedHat 7.2 or later)




  • View MEBES files of Size greater than 1GB in minutes - not hours.

  • Runs on Solaris, HPUX and Windows.

  • Overlay Files

  • Ideal for Coordinating Between Foundry and Fabless Design Shops.

  • Measure Critical Dimensions.

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